Room Escape Creator

Room Escape Creator is a complete system to create room escape games, and of course with a little bit of creativity you can build different types of games too.


Easy to use

Import all your graphics, and you can easily make playable levels in minutes.

Building with actions (Coding is optional)

Use different objects with different actions to create levels and if you need more flexibility you can code in Lua language. This gives you more power do completely customize everything in the game.

Online and Offline mode

Created games can be played both online and offline. In the online mode player have access to more features like Events and Shop.


With the help of server dashboard you can create events and assign level and prize to them and they immediatelly become available for the players to play.

Server side dashboard

The dashboard helps you manage the users, make events, change items in the shop and manage transactions easily.


Users can connect their wallet address in the profile menu.

The items in the shop can be bought with BIXB tokens.

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